Convert Photoshop Design into WordPress

We can convert any Adobe Photoshop ( PSD ) or Adobe Illustrator ( AI ) file into a WordPress theme. Whether you already have a design waiting to be converted or you would like us to create a bespoke design for you get in touch today to discuss options.

We have converted a wide range of designs into WordPress Themes, we can set the Theme up exactly how you want it to work and provide you with full control over it once the website is made live.

Our Process

We will discuss the time-scale and price for each project individually as each project is different the main factors are how much content/pages are involved and the complexity of the website, however we are very competitive with our prices and believe we will not be beaten for a quote.

Once we have agreed on the details we will begin working on the design, first we will convert it into html and css to set up the basic website template. We then take the code and chop it up to create a WordPress Theme.

Creating a Bespoke Design

We are more than happy to not only turn existing designs into WordPress but we can create designs for you, we have created many different bespoke designs which you can view here.

If you have a particular design idea in mind, suggest some ideas to the design or are happy for us to create a bespoke design we can help.

Why choose WordPress over a static website?

Traditionally websites are created with html / css with the possibility of additional features with Javascript/Jquery. This is normal practise and there is no problem with creating websites this way, however due to the way they are created they are difficult to update without contacting your web host and if you want to update the website yourself you will need knowledge of coding. Additionally content is vulnerable to being over-written or lost, paying your hosting provider to update your website can be costly and the website will not be 100% search engine friendly.

We believe the best option is to turn your Photoshop Design into a WordPress theme, this way you will have full access to your website at any time. You can edit/add/delete pages and content and so much more.

If you are ready for us to convert your Photoshop Design to WordPress get in touch today on 0845 652 4412 or e-mail we look forward to hearing from you soon.


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