Convert Yell Website to WordPress CMS

Yell offers a website builder service which many people see as an easy and cheap option for creating their website. However we have had many customers come to us after using the Yell website builder that have had a bad experience, found it difficult to use or it is not working how they imagined it would.

From our experience we have found Yell websites to be poorly coded making them unreliable across different browsers and not search engine friendly, most of the designs on Yell websites are basic templates with only a few options to change the colours/fonts rather than the actual layout.

A quick Google search for “Yell website reviews” will show you the experience people have had with Yell and the type of service you get for a considerably higher price than most designers would charge for a basic website such as the templates on Yell.

It’s time for a change

If you have a website currently built on the Yell website builder and are not happy get in touch to discuss how we can help, there are many options and we are here to help:

Option 1 – Convert your current Yell Website to a WordPress Theme

We can take a copy of your current website and keep the exact same design and layout but integrate it to work with WordPress. This way your website will look exactly the same but you will have full access to your content, improve your website with new features through WordPress plugins and as it is now built on WordPress it will be much more search engine friendly.

We will work in a separate folder or even on a separate domain so your current website will not be affected in any way until all the work is completed and you are happy with it and give us the go ahead to make it live.

Option 2 – Redesign your website as a Bespoke WordPress Theme

We have created a diverse range of WordPress websites, to join our ever growing portfolio why not ask us to design a bespoke website for you? We will take the content from your current site and create a new design. The great thing about a redesign is not only will your website be given a modern makeover but we can add additional functionality to your site such as a contact form, image slider, gallery plugin…. the opportunities are endless.

We always provide at least two different designs for you to choose from with unlimited revisions to make sure you are 100% happy with how your new website will look before we start to build it. As always your current website will not be affected in any way while we create your new site.

Option 3 – Replace your Yell Website with a WordPress Template Theme

Why not replace your Yell website with a beautiful WordPress theme? The word “template” can be a bit daunting as you may be under the impression all website templates look the same and may look a bit outdated however if you look at WordPress template on sites such as Template Monster and Theme Forest you will see a huge range of modern WordPress themes most of which are under $60 ( £35 ).

With this option we would purchase the WordPress Theme on your behalf and transfer all of your content including text, images etc into the Theme files. This option is great if you are looking for a quick turnaround and you have a huge range of designs to choose from.

testimonial-quote-leftThis consultancy led us gently through the design and development process, and helped us (and themselvese) clarify our initially vague requirements. Our charity’s impressive new-look website was implemented smoothly and on-time. The delivered product was certainly value for money.testimonial-quote-right

James Reid – Rescare Charity


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